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Sunday, October 21, 2018

Las Vegas, NV -- Panicked that part of his right-wing base will slip to third-party Nevada Attorney General candidate Joel Hansen, Wes Duncan kicked off Donald Trump’s Elko rally with a nasty, race-baiting speech full of attacks against Aaron Ford that echoed Trump’s own style. 

Duncan was forced to spend heavily in his primary against Craig Mueller. He’s now facing a challenge from the right by Independent American candidate Hansen, who is polling above 10% and is expected to pull votes from Duncan. 

Duncan has previously shied away from Trump, staying away from his rallies and avoiding the topic in the media. But yesterday, Duncan fully embraced the Trump ethos.

Duncan took shots at Aaron Ford and his college past, yet stayed silent on Laxalt’s arrest for assaulting a police officer and new revelations that Laxalt may have failed to disclose his arrest when applying to the Nevada bar just seven years ago. This hypocritical, race-baiting argument was recently highlighted as one of the most racist political attacks in the country.

Duncan also spoke about making sure places like Elko “have the resources they need to stay safe and secure,” including resources to reduce domestic violence. Under Duncan, the Domestic Violence Fatality Review Team shuttered, failing to review homicides in Elko and Lyon counties. 

Aaron Ford campaign manager Jessica Adair released the following statement:
“This isn’t the first time Duncan campaigned with a man accused of rape, so we shouldn’t be surprised that Duncan is willing to do or say whatever it takes to win. Unfortunately for him, diving into the gutter won’t earn him more votes. Nevadans already rejected Trump and his disgusting rhetoric, and voters are rejecting Duncan as well.”

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