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Thursday, October 18, 2018

New Ad ‘Going Going Gone’ Features Audio from AR-15 Auction Duncan Attended 

The Ford for Nevada campaign is hosting a round table with survivors of the October 1 shooting on the Las Vegas Strip and releasing a new ad questioning Wes Duncan’s judgment and fitness to serve as Attorney General after he attended a political fundraiser where an AR-15 was auctioned soon after the shooting.

"October 1, 2017, fifty-eight people died on the Las Vegas Strip," the ad's narrator says. "Soon after, Wes Duncan took part in a political fundraiser to auction off an AR-15. The exact same kind of high powered military-style assault rifle used in the shooting."

At the Carson City Republican Party Lincoln Day Dinner, an AR-15 was auctioned off, described by the auctioneer as a “beautiful piece.” The weapon sold for $750 to the applause of the crowd. The audio from this auction is included in the ad.

Wes Duncan proudly tweeted about his attendance at the event.

"It sold and they cheered," the narrator concludes. "Auctioning off our lives for seven hundred and fifty dollars. Wes Duncan. Dangerously wrong for Nevada."

Route 91 Harvest Festival attendee Christine Caria, was shocked to learn of Duncan’s presence at the political fundraiser where an AR-15 was auctioned. 

"It feels like a punch in the gut. We as victims of this massacre keep being revictimized. It’s criminal. I hate being called a victim, but I hate even more being repeatedly revictimized which is why I don’t want to be called a 'Survivor.' I am a Warrior. I will not let these bullies win." 

“Wes Duncan’s lack of judgment is stunning and callous,” said Ford for Nevada Campaign Manager Jessica Adair. “What kind of person raises money for political gain by auctioning off the same type of used in so many mass shootings just 17 days after the autopsy reports of the October 1 victims were released and 3 days after the Parkland shooting? This type of behavior shows, once again, Duncan to be unfit to serve as Nevada Attorney General. But like touting the endorsement of an alleged rapist and tacitly supporting a lawsuit against LVMPD for body camera footage of children, it’s clear that Wes Duncan will do whatever it takes to win an election, no matter how far in the gutter he has to go.”


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