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Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Wes Duncan spoke to KUNR’s Paul Boger about his “A Safer Nevada” Plan. Here at the Aaron Ford campaign, we thought it sounded familiar…

Duncan voted against key pieces of his own plan while in the Assembly. Fortunately, Aaron Ford fought for access to mental health treatment, combating domestic violence, and criminal justice reform.

And so we heard that the biggest issues across the state were one, the deficit in mental health resources. ... We're 50th in the nation in mental health and that's something that we have got to fix if we want to make our communities safer."Wes Duncan, interview with KUNR, posted 10/15/18

Wes Duncan voted against providing mental health screenings for students in Nevada public schools. Fortunately, the bill passed thanks to Senator Aaron Ford.

“There’s these teams that work really proactively with people in the community that have mental health challenges, and so we need to do things like that." Wes Duncan, interview with KUNR, posted 10/15/18

The “teams” Duncan is referring to are the Mobile Outreach Safety Teams (MOST), which pair licensed social workers with police officers in Washoe and Clark County for calls that involve people experiencing mental health challenges. Aaron Ford supported the MOST units, co-sponsoring the bill to expand operational hours.

“If we do preventative education early into schools we can drive down the rates and incidences of domestic violence."Wes Duncan, interview with KUNR, posted 10/15/18

Wes Duncan voted against providing school-based preventative education on domestic violence, sexual abuse, and trafficking. Aaron Ford voted for the bill.

Aaron also supported laws that prevent stalkers from buying guns, increased penalties for domestic violence crimes, and mandated employee leave for domestic violence survivors.

“I really believe that we need to be more forward thinking with the way we look at the criminal justice system.”Wes Duncan, interview with KUNR, posted 10/15/18

Aaron Ford is known for his forward thinking criminal justice reform policies, such as sponsoring a program to allow certain offenders receive job training and education while incarcerated so they can get jobs upon release, rather than return to prison. He also worked with Governor Sandoval to create the Nevada Sentencing Commission to make recommendations about sentencing guidelines and address mass incarceration.

Duncan stood by while his buddies called Aaron Ford “pro-felon” for enacting these reforms.

“It’s time to go into communities that lack hope and say we want to bring economic development, we want after school programming, we want job skills training, we want mentoring programs to catch kids before they get into the system to provide people an opportunity into the economy…”Wes Duncan, interview with KUNR, posted 10/15/18

Aaron supported a litany of programs that promote economic development and education funding in under resourced communities, such as expanding funding for Zoom Schools; establishing a loan program for small businesses and businesses owned by minorities, women and the disadvantaged; and fought for minority, veteran, and local-owned business participation on projects such as the building of the Raiders Stadium.

Ford campaign manager Jessica Adair released the following statement:

“As Wes Duncan said, ‘politicians tackle the present, leaders plan for the future.’ Aaron Ford planned for the future in the state senate, and is planning for the future as Nevada’s next attorney general. Even if Duncan voted against these reforms while in the Assembly, we’re glad he is supporting Aaron’s agenda now.”


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