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Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Video: Aaron Ford: Putting Nevada Families First Every Single Day

Las Vegas, NV -- Today, the Aaron Ford for Attorney General campaign released an introductory bio video, Aaron Ford: Putting Nevada Families First Every Single Day

Ford is a family man who has persevered through every obstacle set upon him and is driven to help others succeed. As he grew up wondering if the electricity, gas and water would turn on the next day, Ford listened to his mom’s advice to keep his head in the books and remained focused on his education, eventually earning five college degrees including his law degree. He has carried that same drive throughout his life as he became a lawyer focused on consumer protection and Senate Majority Leader in the Nevada State Senate.

Across the Silver State, there are Nevadans who are struggling to pay the bills, trying to juggle work while raising a family, battling addiction, growing up in unsafe neighborhoods, or being taken advantage of by unscrupulous scammers. For those Nevadans who feel the system is rigged against them, Ford will be a champion in their corner because he understands what it’s like growing up with a lack of resources and opportunities. State Senator Nicole Cannizzaro, a prosecutor, notes that Ford “is not somebody who is easily swayed because there is a big corporate interest on one side or another. He’s somebody who cares a lot about just people.” Ford is also a proud husband and father, and Nevada families will have someone fighting for their interests and rights every day when he is Nevada Attorney General.

Throughout this video, Ford and those who know him provide insight on his life journey and why he should be Nevada’s next Attorney General.

Click HERE to watch Aaron Ford’s video on how he will put Nevada families first. 

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