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Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Wes Duncan Supports Trump’s Policy Of Separating Families at the Border

Las Vegas, NV -- It isn’t often you find someone who clearly doesn’t get that separating children from their families is morally wrong. With even many other Republicans saying that children should not be taken away from their families at the border, Wes Duncan stands out in his refusal to condemn Trump’s policy of separating families and children -- a policy former first lady Laura Bush called “cruel” and “immoral.” He talks about “reuniting” children with family members, which means he specifically supports the Trump policy of separating children from their families in the first place.

On Monday, Democratic candidate Aaron Ford strongly condemned Trump's policy in a tweet: 

“Tearing families apart is immoral and goes against our cherished values as a country. As a husband and father, I can’t begin to imagine the pain that is being inflicted by this policy on children and their parents.”

Meanwhile, Ford’s Republican opponent Wes Duncan refused to condemn family separation:  

“My opinion is that the child’s safety is the most important consideration here, especially after they’ve been taken on such a dangerous journey. Any federal policy, regardless of how the adults are adjudicated, should focus on making sure that child is safe, fed, healthy and then reuniting them with a confirmed family member as expeditiously as possible.”

Ford for Nevada campaign manager Peggy Yang released the following statement:

“Children should be with their parents​, not locked in cages. That Wes Duncan supports tearing families apart is disgraceful and shows a lack of respect for basic human dignity.  We need an attorney general who has Nevada values and supports keeping families together, and that’s Aaron Ford.”


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