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Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Duncan Campaigns At Another Fake Women’s Health Center

Las Vegas, NV -- Today, Wes Duncan visited the Reno/Sparks Crisis Pregnancy Center, a fake women’s health center, one of many so-called “crisis pregnancy centers” that have been exposed for giving women false medical information. The Reno/Sparks Crisis Pregnancy Center spreads lies about safe and legal abortion methods to mislead women and has also thrown lavish fundraisers with extremist organizations, such as the president of an organization that released heavily edited and misleading videos about Planned Parenthood about Planned Parenthood. Earlier this year, Duncan visited another fake women’s health center in Las Vegas.

Ford campaign manager Peggy Yang issued the following statement: 

“Wes Duncan’s radical anti-choice agenda is dangerous for women’s health. He is out of step with Nevada women, who have the right to make their own healthcare decisions and access life-saving medical care. Yet again, we see the stark choice offered to Nevada voters this fall. Wes Duncan would put women’s health at risk to advance an extreme ideological agenda, while Aaron Ford stands up for women and the right to make healthcare decisions with sound medical information. He trusts Nevada women and will stand by them as Nevada’s next Attorney General.”


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