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Tuesday, April 17, 2018


Ford Statement On Progress Made To End the Rape Kits Backlog


Las Vegas, NV -- In response to news that the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department expects to clear Southern Nevada’s massive backlog of sexual assault kits within the next year, Aaron Ford released the following statement: 


“I applaud the progress made by the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department to reduce the rape kits backlog. Victims of this unspeakable crime deserve justice, and for too many, the wait has been far too long. I was proud to join my colleagues in the Assembly, Teresa Benitez-Thompson of Reno and Steve Yeager of Las Vegas, in spearheading legislation to reduce the rape kits backlog, and I look forward to the day when the backlog no longer exists and the perpetrators are brought to justice.”


During the 2017 session, Ford was a primary sponsor of AB97, which requires law enforcement agencies to turn over rape kits for testing within 30 days and requires labs to test them within 120 days. The legislation appropriated more than $3 million to the Nevada attorney general’s office toward the effort. In addition, the bill mandated the creation of a Nevada-wide sexual assault kit tracking program, which would allow victims to follow the status of their rape kits as they go through the criminal justice system. 


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